Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LIFT End of Year Program

LIFT is the name of the co-op we belong to.  This last year, and at least for the upcoming year, I am the director of the co-op.  It's a pretty fancy title, basically I am the point of contact for the group and the liaison between the church staff and the co-op  leadership team.  

This is one side of Hannah's Flat Stanley project.  And Debby and Grandma helped Flat Stanley see some of America.  

I have really enjoyed being involved in the co-op, in this manner.  This year has been one of the biggest years yet, as far as our numbers go.  

These pictures were all taken during a reception held before the end of year programs.  We had snacks set out, that way people could eat a little something and walk around to look at all the projects our kids did this past year.  

To the left of the bright pink poster board is Hannah's Alexander Graham Bell poster board.  

The "R" canvas is some of Riley's handiwork.  It's hanging in her room now.  

What you see (or don't see rather) are pizza box displays about a book.  Each pizza "slice" tells about a part of the story; setting, characters, conflict, resolution, rising action and falling action.  I wish I had taken a close up picture of one.  

This is Hannah's shoe box diorama of the book Ella Enchanted.  

Hannah's lion habitat.  

I didn't get any pictures of the other half of the end of year program, which included each grade level performing a skit and/or song.  This is primarily because of my role in announcing each and such. The only project I didn't get a picture of, that Hannah did, is the t-shirt she created for Ella Enchanted.  

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