Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Hannah

Remember this baby:

I sure do.  She was 6 pounds of awesomeness.  And she changed my life.  And her dads.  

The sweet baby that didn't like the way grass felt, and would not crawl on it.  Unless forced, and then we all laughed at how funny she looked raying not to touch the grass.  

The baby who had her diaper changed on the streets of Venice. 

She was such a sweet baby.  

And now, she's a sweet 8 year old.  

Here's some pictures I snapped of her opening her gifts the morning of her birthday.  

We had her party on the 3rd.  

She got some puzzle type games and some books.  

She received some money.  With that she got a stencil kit and a jewelry making kit. 

And she received this jewelry box, that my dad made for her.  

She liked everything she received.  She didn't get any books that she already had, which is great!  She's already read, or at least started reading, most of the books she got.  

Here's to an unstoppable future sweet Hannah.  

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!