Friday, September 11, 2015

A day trip to Topsail

My very good, and very long time friend, Susan spent almost two weeks at Topsail Island at the end of June.  Actually, on the way to Topsail, she stayed the night with me.  I was supposed to drive down for Lem's birthday but Hannah randomly got strep throat in the middle of June.  

So our trip was delayed by a few days and we ended up joining Susan on their last day at Topsail.  Unfortunately, her entire family had, or was in the process of, packing up and beginning their journey home.  So what began as a day trip turned into another sleepover with Susan.  

This was Joshua's first time in the ocean this summer and he LOVED IT!  Like charged the waves and fell into them laughing loved it.  

So Lem, Hannah, Riley and Gwen played for a few hours in the ocean.   

They pulled out a skim board and played with it for awhile.  

Then we went back to the beach house and threw together really random foods out of what was left in the fridge. 

The night ended quietly, with the kids playing on their tablets together.  Susan and I sat outside, overlooking the sound and watched a storm very close to us.  It was dark with only the frequent lightening to brighten the sky.  

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