Monday, August 31, 2015

House makeovers

Who doesn't like a little laugh with the laundry.  I wanted it because I loathe laundry and because it's always there!!  

This is hard to see but I added some curtains to the playroom.  I cut the curtains because they were too long for the window seat.  Then I used some stitch witch to make a hem on the curtains.  They're horribly crooked but you don't really notice that because of the way they fall.  

I put up some cafe curtains in the kitchen.  I'm not in love with the curtains but they were given to me.  And it's very similar to what I've wanted to put in there.  I just wanted something to hide the blinds there.  And I wanted white and sheer, because I love natural light and these windows let in so much light.  

This project is now finished, I just have to put all the pieces back together.  These are parts to a dresser in the girls' room.  The dresser has three drawers and a small cabinet area above the drawers. 

I took off the doors, and pulled out the drawers and painted the front of them.  I'm putting it all back together today.  

This is the girls' bedroom door.  This is the same color on the dresser parts.  It's still wet in the photo, which you can see in the slight color variations.  I think one more coat will complete the door.  

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Anonymous said...

I like it all. Good for you for trying to do new things!