Sunday, July 27, 2008

More NC

Hannah met so many people for the first time, to include her cousin Ethan. I think he taught her how to screech. We took the babies for a children's play park and to a swimming pool. Hannah went fishing, and discovered a tractor and 4-wheeler. Hannah was definitely spoiled! I had to keep reminding myself that they're grandma and grandpa, they're allowed to do things that mom and dad do not, like ice cream cake for lunch! We celebrated David's birthday while we were there. He went to Gander Mountain and got to gander and get pretty much whatever he wanted. Then my sister made him a cake, which almost turned out to be a disaster during the frosting. David, with the help of many, many people, was able to purchase a very fancy fishing rod. It's a bait casting rod, which is used primarily for bass and it's used for very precise casting. We went shooting. My dad has new black powder rifle, instead of using a percussion cap it works of battery power so it's cleaner and the powder burns faster. David really liked that too. So like I said, it was a good visit.

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The Zellers said... updated it!! Loved hearing all the happenings in ya'lls life...sounds like a great trip to NC!