Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmas with Friends

This past Friday, Kelly and Jay drove down to spend the weekend with us and have a little Christmas exchange. They're already off this morning and my house is way to quiet! Kelly got Hannah another loud toy, she likes doing that to me. And the book that I'm holding is from Kelly, the title is Living Successful with Screwed Up People, how appropriate is that! You can also see another photo that Hannah took, I think she's turning into quite the little photographer! Yesterday, Amy offered to watch Hannah and Jay so that Kelly and I could go off by ourselves for a little. So we dropped the girls off and went to the mall to window shop. We sat and had coffee and went into a couple stores, it was really nice. While Hannah and Jay were at Amy and Tom's they went and fed the horse carrots and apples, and made Christmas cookies. I also introduced the Wii to Kelly, she was up until 11 pm last night playing the Wii fit. So now it's a little more relaxed here, but definately way to quiet.


Susan said...

I see Hannah still loves her Halloween costume.

Michelle in Italy said...

Why is Hannah wearing her costume for a Christmas thing? Vivian has no urge to try her costume back on.