Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Top 8

I got this idea from Michelle. My top 8 in 2008 are:
8) I left Illinois on Wed. to fly to NC. When I left Illinois there was 1/2 inch of ice on the ground. When I landed in NC, it was 70 degrees! =)
7) David's truck driving experience last 8 weeks, when he abruptly decided to move on. However, now he stands a pretty good chance of getting hired by the NC Police Dept., something he's talked about doing for years.
6) This year, we get to play Santa!!!! (I'm very excited about it.)
5) And again I say, everyone should go to a Club Med.
4) Hannah is at this great stage where she is mildly independent, yet stills loves to cuddle.
3) In saying goodbye to Italy, I realized what wonderful friends I have, and how living there changed me forever.
2) I FINALLY received my associates degree.
1) David separated from the Army in August, and it wasn't the end of the world, for him or me.

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