Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amy and Tom's Visit

We had a great time while Amy and Tom were here. We had lots of great wine and food, and lots of good times with Hannah. The hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool, which I was thrilled about. We took Hannah swimming on Friday morning. Friday evening we had dinner at my mom's. The weather was gorgeous everyday there were bere, sunny and in the 60's. Saturday we packed a picnic lunch and took Hannah to the park. We attempted to play frisbee golf but Hannah didn't want any of that. So Tom and David played frisbess golf while Amy and I followed Hannah around the park. Saturday evenng we had dinner at my dad's. Sunday we took Hannah to the stables at Ft Bragg. Because of David's history there, we were able to put Hannah on a pony while David led her around. Typically, you can not put a child on a horse under the age of 5 at the stables. She wasn't sure about the horse when she was standing next to it, and David had to coax her a little to get her to sit on it. And she wasn't even sure about it when she sat in the sadle. But as soon as the pony took it's first step, she broke out into this huge grin. It was pure joy, one of those moments that as a parent, you treasure. David walked her around for probably 10 minutes and then we took her off the pony and said goodbye. I have a short video of her pony ride, but I haven't looked at it yet. Zoom in on the first photo to see her big smile.

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Dana said...

Look at that grin! How happy was she?! I can't wait to do that with Jericho.