Monday, March 23, 2009

The Decorator

Last Thursday, Amy and Tom pulled in to Fayetteville for a short visit with us, well mostly Hannah. We all packed up and stayed in a suite at a nearby hotel because it was the easiest and most convienent thing to do with our current living situation being what it is. Having said that, the house hunt is starting to get exhausting! On Wednesday, Hannah and I decorated a litttle picture frame for Amy and Tom. The completed frame held one of Hannah's drawings. Hannah was so cute decorating the frame. First of all, she kept sticking stickers in the center of the frame, you know, the part that's covered by the picture. I also discovered that she really doesn't "get" glue yet. And that she loved the little fuzzy balls we had to decorations. I had to wait until I gave Amy and Tom their gift before I posted this, since it was a surprise. So here they are.

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