Monday, March 30, 2009

Contact's Race for Hope

On March 28, we participated in our first race as a family. It was also a first for Hannah and myself. David's actually run in a handful of races before. I found out about this race about a month ago and immediately knew I wanted to do it. David hem hawed around for the next couple of weeks before deciding he would run and push Hannah. I signed us both up for the 5k. The race started promptly at 0830 in front of the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. I was so nervous and anxious, and afraid that I was going to get halfway through the race and something would happen to prevent me from completing it. David was actually laughing at me! Before the race, David asked me what my goal was, and if I wanted him to stay with me to help motivate/pace me. I told him that he could do whatever, that I thought seeing him in front of me would motivate me. Once we started, I felt myself relaxing. At the turnaround point, David told me that he had to be the first stroller across the finish line, so I told him to go for it. So he did. Crossing the finish line, I felt a surge of pride that's hard to describe. Running has been, and continues to being something that is a challenge for me. I think that's why I like it, because I always have to push myself. I was so happy. The person that won our race was in 5th. David was indeed the first stroller across the finish line, at 17th. I was 39th, there were a total of 126 runners in our race. I did accomplish my pace goal. David concluded that he could've finished first if he had not been pushing Hannah but his exact words about that were "I'd rather finish 17th with Hannah than first without." Our next race is a 10k for the Dogwood Festival on April 25th.

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Susan said...

Awww! I love what David said. I also like your jogging stroller. Good job!