Thursday, September 10, 2009

It really is because of Hannah

Two days ago, David and I found ourselves at a local shelter, and consequently, bringing a dog home. Long before I ever got pregnant, I always said that David and I would be in trouble when we had a child that could ask for a pet. See, David and I are both suckers for animals and I knew we'd have a hard time saying no when our own child asked. So Tuesday morning we all wake up at the same time. Hannah wants to know where her "yellow bella" is, to which David and I just ignore. As David is leaving to go get a pack of cigarettes, Hannah looks at David and says "Daddy, are you going to get my doggie." And that was it. Hours later we found ourselves at a shelter in Raeford. We played with 6 different dogs, and this one was the one Hannah said she wanted to take home. Keep in mind, she was not mimicking David or me. We hadn't said any of these things. This dog was not even my first choice, but how could I compete with Hannah saying she wanted it! So meet Rossi, our 13 week old lab/rott mix.


Susan said...

LOL I don't know if I totally believe that it was ALL Hannah. But the dog is adorable. So how many pets do you have now???
Oh and WHAT does Bella think???

Anonymous said...

I think it very fortunate that the dog won't be tearing up the new grass since, from the photos of the yard, it appears there isn't any. Smart...

Poppa Bob