Saturday, September 5, 2009

J Lo Booty

Yesterday I went to my girlfriend Leah's house to celebrate her quitting a job that she hated. She's got an in-ground pool, so Hannah and I loaded up our bathing suits, and fresh mint (for mojito's) and headed over around noon. Hannah had a blast in the pool. I forgot her swimmer's diaper, so I had to put her in a regular diaper. Hence the J Lo booty. Her diaper was so soaked, and consequently heavy, that it was falling off her butt and dragging her bottoms with it. It was so funny to see her running around with half her crack showing. Of course she didn't care.


Michelle in Italy said...

Love the bikini! I'm so glad it fits. Vivian's is still giant in the bottom.

Susan said...

That's hot, Hannah. =)

The Zellers said...

SO cute!!