Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And they all turn 3!

Saturday was the big day.  And big it was.  Big but fun.  It was earlier enough to not be too, although it was pretty warm around noon.  Poor Vivian and Ethan were bright red.  I feel confident in saying that the kids had a lot of fun.  There weren't many kids out at the park, outside of the ones at the party so our kids pretty much had the run of it.  We rounded up just after 1 pm, which was plenty of time for wear the kids out.  Everyone was in a good mood and I don't think the kids fought at all!

Party guests


Planning the present attack


Where is it?

Ethan's TBall set from Aunt Sam and Uncle David

Organized Chaos

Vivian and her pile, I love her halo

and i quote "lipgloss will make you feel better momma"

many cakes

my grandma rose and papa mack

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grace said...

balloons, slides, cake, and all kinds of presents--this makes my birthday celebration seem awfully lame. man, to be a kid again. :)