Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Coffee Shop and a Nursery

Yesterday, Michelle and I headed to a coffee shop down the road and then went to our favorite nursery.  I'm not sure a nursery is a safe place for us to go together, seeing as we both have mild gardening addictions!  Actually, I walked away pretty cheap this visit.  Of course, I got 3 plants I wasn't planning on getting.  I'll take pictures of my new additions later today.  I got a gorgeous foxglove!  Both kids kept placing random plants in our wagon, they're so funny.

She's actually yawning here

Click's Nursery, I love this place

Vivian and her wagon

Everything is in bloom

Hannah and her wagon, notice the shoes?!

Picture by Hannah 

Another picture by Hannah

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The Zellers said...

can you come work on my garden...I don't have anywhere near a green thumb....