Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A painter in training

We've been painting, a lot.  Most of the painting Hannah has done has been gifts.  A month ago we painted a birdhouse for Grandpa Bob.  We painted to Christmas gifts.  We painted Mother's Day gifts.  The past couple of days though, we've been painting for the sheer joy of painting.  I bought two small canvases a while back and finally pulled them out for Hannah.  It worked out well because we've been spending so much time outside with the house addition.  This way, we were able to set Hannah up outside and let her occupy herself while we all ran around doing other stuff.  She painted two beautiful canvases.  One went in her bedroom, and the other she gave to Amy and Tom.  I was a little sad, because it's SO pretty but I know that we'll paint more.  

The canvas Hannah painted and gave to Amy and Tom

Her art table set up

A close up

The first canvas Hannah painted

Hanging her in bedroom

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Rachel said...

Wow! Better than I can do.