Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jammbas Ranch

Out in Cedar Creek, there's a place called Jammbas Ranch.  I've heard about it all my life but I've never been there.  Overall, I'm happy with our decision to go out there.  It was inexpensive, but slightly cheesy in a tourist trap kind of way.  However, Hannah had the best time.  She loved running around feeding the different animals.  She became very protective over her pail of bread.  

Checking out the turtle

She really enjoyed feeding the goats.

Checking out the pig, that turned out to be privately owned.  Apparently, you weren't supposed to feed this one.  

More goats.

Charlie, the loose llama.  

Hannah and her pail of bread.

Feeding the white tail deer.  

Looking at the elk with daddy.

Me and the goats.  

This goat go stuck in the fence.  David couldn't walk away with it's head and stuck and the goat couldn't get unstuck on it's own.  So, David helped, which turned out to be harder than David thought.  

The long, swinging bridge that was more tricky to walk across than we thought.  It was alright to start out, but then it got a little freaky.  


Amy decided to feed the buffalo, which proceeded to lick her and really freak her out.  

The bear, I actually felt a little sorry for him.  


Dana said...

I LOVE the elk picture! So sweet!

The Zellers said...

that looks like such a fun place!

Leah said...

I love that place, I went with Jennifer and the crew when Ava was visiting 2 summers ago.