Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 10 in 2010

On New Years Eve, at that!  

1)  After two LONG years of trying, we're expecting the birth of our 2nd child on or about July 15th.
2)  I ran my first half marathon!  Physically speaking, the hardest thing I have ever done but completely worth it.
3)  David was rated by the VA, a blessing on so many levels.
4)  Hannah started preschool and loves it!  I didn't want to do it permanently, for my own selfish reasons, but she loves it so much.
5)  My first trip to Vegas.  Some good, some not so good, lots of things learned.  Can't wait to go with David!
6)  Girls trip this summer.  Playing catch up for 5 days in a secluded cabin was exactly what I needed.
7)  Kitchen renovation was started and pretty much finished.  There's some finishing touches that need to go up, as well as the deck, but as long as that's done before July, I'll be happy.
8)  Self reflection.  I've learned a lot about myself this year.  Still working on some of those changes but I know it will come.
9)  1 more semester down.  This last semester I took 6 classes, while David worked a normal work day.  What was I thinking????
10)  Hannah Banana.  This last year has been difficult, on a personal level, for me.  I can honestly say that no matter what I feel or think, she can put a smile on my face.