Friday, June 3, 2011

What we've been up to

We've been trying to keep busy.  Hannah's not in school anymore and I knew the first week would be a tough transition for both of us.  So I pulled out some projects I've been hanging on to.  

This is something new I picked up, mostly because I wanted to make bracelets!

It's harder than it looks.  Or maybe I'm just pregnant.  Either way, I had to get David to read the instructions and figure out how to knot the bracelets.  

A completed bracelet.

We've had these for a few months, so I pulled these out yesterday for Hannah to paint.
She still hasn't painted Snow White.

Hannah and her kids.  They were going to the beach.  Notice all the stuffed animals are in bathing suits.  

No beach trip is complete without a check up first.  

Next week we're going to do some stepping stones.  

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