Saturday, May 28, 2011

Banzai Big Curve

This is the giant pool we borrowed from a friend.  We borrowed it because we are thinking about getting something very similar to it.  The on going debate is who will be the person that ends of taking care of it.  Right now, I'm the one who fills/cleans/empties the other pool we have.  Last year David bought a pool he was all excited about and the excitement last about 12 hours!  So I'm really skeptical about getting a pool this big(expensive) only to have it become my chore.  I'm perfectly content with Hannah's little plastic pool.  David SWEARS that he'll take care of it.  So part of the reason we're borrowing it is so that I can what this all means for me.  We probably will get the one we like, this one: Banzai Falls Water Park.

Here's a picture of the one we've been looking at: 

I must admit, it's a lot of fun.  I went down the slide a couple of times yesterday.  Hannah loves it.  It's just something we can all have fun in together.  I like her other pool, but it's too small for an adult to really have fun in.  Right now, we're enjoying the one we have.  I'm holding out for no rain today, there's a 40% chance of isolated thunderstorms, so that we can enjoy today.  

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