Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The BIG Letdown

Last night was supposed to be Hannah's first ballet class.  I had been telling her about it for days.  I called that afternoon, to make sure we had everything we needed for class and got the information to enroll her, which I would do at her first class.  David was off early, which meant he would get to go to her first class.  At 5 pm, we all loaded in the truck, with Hannah looking like the perfect ballerina, complete with a white satin bow around her pony tail.  We arrived at Hope Mills Recreation Center only to find a note on the door that said class had been canceled for that day.  Hannah turned her back to the door, stood there, threw both hands to her face and started sobbing.  It was awful!!  I hurt so bad for her and we didn't know what to do.  I held her for a little bit and explained that something had probably come up with the teacher, and she just wasn't able to make it.  I assured her that she would still be able to do ballet, we just had to wait until next week.  We scrambled to find something to make her happy.  After running through a list, and then running through it a second time, she decided that going PUTT PUTT golf would make her happy.  So that's what we did.  Interjection here - when did mini golf become so expensive!!  Why is it only $1 cheaper for my 4 year old to play than a 29 year old!  Anywho, she had fun and that's all that mattered to us.

Smashing the alligators

My personal favorite, skee ball

Deal or No Deal.  For the record, Hannah made a good deal.  She choose 
to get 11 tickets from the banker and her case was for 3 tickets.

Ticket counting for prize retrieval.  She opted for an
air head, a candy necklace and a care bear.  

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