Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hannah Ballerina

Last night was a hit.  Hannah was so excited and did a great job.  She's the smallest, and youngest, in a class of 4 girls.  The teacher, Ms. Kristin is really good with the kids.  She instructs and still gives them time to have fun.  In short, Hannah is

Here's a short (48 second) video of my ballerina.

She had a little trouble with balance and using the right/left leg 
appropriately, but she's only 4!  And this was her first class so I have faith 
that'll improve the more she goes.  

She did an excellent job with the pronunciation of the steps.  After doing each step the
teacher has them repeat the name of the step, and then again at various times 
throughout the class.  

Here we see the bunny hop.

She also had a little trouble with her shoes, they kept slipping off!  They were 
the smallest ones I could find.  

Ready to do horse gallops, which Hannah picked to do.

Riley and me, watching Miss Hannah.

Getting ready to spin.

At the end of class they do some light stretching and then have freeze dance.  Hannah loved it and wants to continue doing it.  So this is our new Monday night thing.  David got home about 30 minutes after us.  Hannah was still in her ballet outfit, demonstrated 4 different things she learned.    

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