Monday, April 2, 2012

Dancing and Eating

Here's what the girls have been up to over the last week:

Hannah, a dancing queen.  She put on all the jewelry she could get her hands on and
danced around singing a song about how pretty she and Riley are.  

Riley is sitting up, with almost no topple over's.

She's eating everything!  Still no teeth but I think she's starting to teeth.  Some of her favorites are beans, bell peppers and bread.  And of course, sweet potatoes.  
She also had her first taste of ice cream this weekend and, of course, loved it.  She didn't even shudder from the cold of it.  

This is a picture from Chicago, I really like though.

Playing in the pool together

Being chased by Poppa on the lawn mower.

Attacking Lucky

This IS the reason Lucky is an awesome cat.

We're trying to get her to use her legs a little more.  She's a little behind in her gross motor development, as a result of her surgery.  One of the things she doesn't do, that she should, is support herself on her feet.  If you hold her up, she doesn't extend her legs.  So we thought this bouncer might help out and teach her that she can put some weight on her legs.  

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