Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A couple days ago I started a Meetup group.  It was a very "in the moment" decision.  Meetup is a social networking sites that allows users to create and join groups of like minded people.  It's how I met up and joined the Fayetteville Running Club a couple years ago.  I was looking for a play group of sorts to get together when in southern Illinois, but there were only 4 meetup groups on this area and they weren't anything I was interested in, think  Toastmasters Club and Atheists group.  So I thought "I'll just create a Meetup."  Right now, I'm in the promotion stages.  I'm really just looking for a means of socialization for myself and Hannah.  I really have to put effort into the promotion stages because I don't know any here!  I'm going to print out some flyers and leave them places.  And I'v been shamelessly plugging it on various Carbondale related Facebook pages.  I'll let you know how it pans out.  

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