Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hannah & Me

With our living situation so different, I'm trying to remember to take time for just the girls and I.  Especially Hannah.  Overall, she's doing great but I can see the strain the separation has on her.  At times, it makes me question whether David and I are doing the right thing.  

So now that it's icd coffee season, Hannah and I have been venturing out for coffee.  She's not getting coffee, but she doesn't know that.  Most of the time, she gets a mocha slushy or something like that so that she gets the coffee flavor without the caffeine.  

Last Tuesday we went to the mall to pick up a birthday present.  And stop by Gloria Jean's for an iced beverage.  

Riley, just hanging out in the stroller.

Yea, I know there's a brush stuck under her.  She likes to chew on it.  And it must've fallen down.  I didn't notice it until after I snapped the picture.  

At Gloria Jeans, Hannah is enjoying her iced mocha.  

Riley had a lemon pack to throw around.  

The three of us.  

It's such a nice time with Hannah.  We sit, we chat.  My banana is growing up!  Before I know it, she'll be anti parent.  In the meantime, I treasure there small moments.

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Jennifer said...

That's so awesome when you spend that one on one time with them. Children really need that. Ours like to get "coffee" with us too :)