Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The story of one VW and one Saab

David and I, very reluctantly, decided that the truck was no longer necessary for us.  To be honest, filling the gas tank in the Chicago suburbs, where gas peaked at $4.29 a few weeks ago, was not good. David drives all over the city with work, and we were spending a lot of money to keep fuel in the truck.  We also needed to go from one vehicle to two vehicles.  

However, I didn't want our monthly vehicle expenses to increase.  Which was possibly, because consumers pay a premium for a truck, but difficult because we were going from one vehicle to two.  It took lots of time, and lots of research on my part.  However, we accomplished our goal!  

This is our midday McDonald's break.  David's Uncle Jim works for corporate McDonald's, and has for a long time.  At one time, he owned a few stores but switched to the corporate world some time ago.  I'm not sure what exactly his title is, but I know he is in charge of the McDonald's conventions held annually and he travels all over the world.  This is the McDonald's restaurant located in the building.  I was curious about whether there were items on this menu that weren't on our menus! ; ).  

There was only one item on this menu that I hadn't seen on other McDonald's menus: The New York Burger, which David got, and really liked.  It had fresh cucumbers, among other things, on it.  

This is a bad picture, lighting wise, but you can see the view from the windows, which is what I was going for.  

Nice, comfy seating along the forest preserve.  While we were there we viewed test kitchens and ran into McDonald's head chef.  It was so neat!

The Lodge, a hotel and reception/meeting area.  Hamburger University is located across the lake (where I'm standing at).  

The inside of my car.  

They are, by far, the fanciest vehicles we've ever had.  However, they are the smartest vehicle purchases we've ever made.  I researched the cars online, looking up the fair buying price as well as finding out how much our insurance would increase.  Our total vehicle expense is no more with these two vehicles than it was with the truck.  

What I'm excited about: heated leather seats and a in dash GPS.  Both cars are the turbo endition.  Supposedly, the VW will go from 0 to 60 in less than 7 seconds.  I will not testing that theory, cause I'm too chicken.  The other thing I'm excited about: an 18.5 gallon tank.  I'll be able to go WEEKS in between fill ups!  

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