Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Visit with Grandpa Bob

After leaving Brittany's house, we drove an hour to Grandpa Bob's house.  I figured there was no reason to not spend some time with him and Susan, since I was already so close.  It's really important to me that my girls know their family and spend as much time with as possible.  Especially their grandparents. Plus, grandpa Bob is newly retired, and has plenty of free time now.  

Riley, just hanging out on the back deck.  

Pool time.  

More pool time

While with Grandpa Bob, Hannah learned to drive a golf cart.  She started out a little rough, driving all over the drive way and almost running into the car but by the end of the of trip she was pro.  We went swimming every night.  Hannah gained a lot of confidence in the water.  At the beginning of the trip, Hannah was pretty timid in the water but by the end of the trip she was going in with wings only.  Grandpa had a lot of fun throwing Riley in the air.  
While hanging out, Grandpa and I talked about all kinds of exciting stuff: politics, money matters and homeschooling.  And I discovered the joy of shopping at a Goodwill.  Like I said, exciting stuff.  

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