Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catching up with Casey

David and I had an agreement in place when I conceded to pack us all up and move to Illinois.  The agreement was that I would fly to see Casey after she had my niece, without argument from David.  I bought my ticket at the end of May.

And waited, excitedly, for August 2nd.  

Just 3 days before the girls and I leave, I found out that Ethan wasn't going to be there for most of my time there.  I struggled for about 24 hours over what to do.  I pondered putting off the trip, so that I could be in California with Ethan.  Eventually, I decided to continue with my plans, because I couldn't guarantee I would be able to go later in the.  If something were to prevent me from going I at a later date, I would not be able to forgive myself for passing up this trip.  

So Hannah, Riley and I flew out to see Casey, Matt and Annalisa.  We knew it wouldn't be the same.  We knew it would be hard when we talked to Ethan.  But we also knew that we'd still have a good visit.  The other downside to my trip was that Casey would have to leave for 3 days.  She actually had to fly back to NC for family court (it's a super long, complicated story).  

Since getting to Casey's house, we've spent hours talking.  It's been so good to catch up with her.  Casey and I have always been close.  I feel blessed to be as close to my sister as I am.  

We haven't done any exciting things yet.  We did make it out to the wineries.  When she gets back with Ethan, we're going to head out to the ocean.  I've never seen the Pacific.   

Today, Casey flies out for NC.  She'll be back on Friday with Ethan, and a whole new set of fun times will begin then.  In the meantime, the girls and I will explore California and spend time with my friend Pam.  

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