Saturday, August 4, 2012

Italy Gals Reunited

The third week in June Michelle, Patricia, Brittany and I met up at Brittany's house in Dahlonega, Georgia for a reunion of sorts.  This part of Georgia is absolutely gorgeous.  It's green, mountainous, and peaceful.  Brittany's house sits tucked in the mountains, she's got a big back yard with a pool and an awesome tree house.  

Brittany's house

Here we are at Amicalola Falls State Park.

Just one of the waterfalls located within the park.

Panning for gold at Crisson Gold Mine.  Georgia was the site of a very large gold rush

The most awesome tree house ever!


The big water balloon fight.  Why is filling water balloons so time consuming?!??

5 years 

I feel so fortunate to have meet these ladies.  Ya see, unlike many "moms groups," we all knew each other before we got pregnant.  It started with Susan, Michelle and I.  Then this group formed when we got pregnant, we all gave birth within about 6 weeks of each other.  Except for Gretchen, who couldn't make it this time.  She's our group advice leader; her kids are much older than ours. ; )  We've stuck it our for 5 years so far.  We have our own little email circulations, emailing about daily to each other.  Sometimes it's less, sometimes it's many in a day.  Sometimes our emails contain 1 sentence, other times they are small novels.  And we discuss all sorts of things!  We want to make our get reunions annually, but it's hard because we're all so spread out.

Next year, we'll see where we end up.  With Gretchen in Texas and me in Chicago, we're trying to find the middle from there.    

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