Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mountain Vacation continued

      The day after my graduation, on Sunday, we decided to drive through the Smokey Mountain National Park and head into Gaitlinburg.  On the way there, we stopped at some of the areas along the side of highway to watch the mountain streams and let the girls play in the water and on the rocks.

   Hannah and Riley had loads of fun throwing rocks into water.  We spent a couple of hours in Gaitlinburg.  We walked around, I got some licorice, because I love the licorice at this one store there. After lunch, we decided to head in to Pigeon Forge, and  check out Wonderworks.



Wonderworks is full of all kinds of.  Like this rope course, that David and I did.  They also had a bed of nails to lay on, earthquake simulations, tornado simulations, a climbing wall, a pedal bike that would flip you upside down and much more.  We all had a good time there.


   At the end of our Wonderworks day, Grandpa Bob, David and Hannah played a game of Lazer Tag, while Riley rode the merry go round.  We began our journey across the state line exhausted but happy.  David made good on his promise to stop and climb on the rocks.  I stayed in the car with Riley, who had fallen asleep.  I guess Hannah got rather brave on the rocks!  

We saw a family of elk that live in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park just miles from the exit.  That was neat.  I've never seen a bison in the wild.  

Our mountain excursion was a good one.  We packed up early morning and headed on Monday, taking out time with the drive.  

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