Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scenes from Hannah's birthday

Last year, we started a new tradition for Hannah's birthday.  One of the things we did was let her open gifts from on the day before her birthday party. Our reason for this is how overwhelming kids' birthday parties always are!  Especially little kids.  Then they have a bratty, over tired, over stimulated moment and the parent asks them self why they go through all the trouble for this bratty kid.  
It worked great last year.  So this year, we spread her festivities out again.  The day she got her "big" gift from us, we let her open it.  This was about 5 days before her birthday.  

We got Hannah some roller blades.  She's really into roller skating right now.  The reason we got roller blades, instead of roller skates, is that Hannah can wear them are the skating rink and outside on the street and sidewalk.  

She's getting the hang of it!  

Here she is opening her gift from Aunt Debbie.  She's pointing at it as she says "It's the Merida with the bow and arrow!"

Reading her card.  

Opening Aunt Casey, Uncle Matt and Ethan's gift.  

These are Bella Ballerina Shoes.  They allow the person wearing them to twirl.  And twirl.  And twirl some more.  

Here she is trying them out.  

Here she is on her birthday morning.  We a few little gifts from mom, dad and Riley.  And Grandpa Bob. 

Create your own books from grandpa.  

Reading more cards.  

Riley was curious, she wanted to see Hannah's card too!  

Here is Hannah, watching the birthday video that Aunt Casey and Ethan made her.  I wish I had recorded it because her expression when she first saw it was priceless!  It was the smile that was a mix between bashful and bliss.  So cute.  

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