Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some random photos

This was taken last Sunday, at church.  In Riley's hand you can see nino.  I don't know how this piece of fabric came to be known as nino but it is an essential part of Riley's life.  We have to have it all the time.  Honestly, it can be a little stressful! : /

This was a few weeks ago, I snapped a picture of Hannah doing the dishes.  It's not a routine chore for her to do dishes, but she does them sometimes.  Right now, her routine chores are making sure the cats have food and water, making her bed, and picking up her toys daily.  We also just added doing her own laundry.  She can also make coffee, with the Senseo, toast her own bagels and work the microwave.  

More throwing.  She loves to "throw ball."  

This was last Friday night.  We had the pleasure of going out to my dads for dinner.  Hannah rode on the front loader, to help my dad organize his massive burn pile.  After dinner, we all watched it burn.  

That's Hannah in there, with my dad, making adjustments.  She said she had to cover her face when they got that close to the fire because it was so hot.  

And another one of Riley and me from church.  

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Anonymous said...

Wow... all wonderful. Hannah, I'm so proud of you! All the things you've done and are doing... just fantastic. And, I've never seen anyone doing dishes wearing a mink jacket!

Grandpa Bob