Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Pregnancy

I haven't spoke much about this pregnancy.  Part of that is because I have two kids I"m running after at this point.  Riley is progressing in leaps and bounds, after months at a standstill.  Homeschooling Hannah is a challenge but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Seeing her progress, I'm amazed at her strengths and weaknesses.   For example, she dislikes Language Arts.  Who would've thought?!?!  The girl who devours reading and is, and has been, articulate beyond her years, does not like reading, writing and spelling!  Science is her favorite.  This year has been all about plants and animals, so far.  
But back to the current pregnancy.  This pregnancy has been extremely difficult for me.  I started out surprised that I was pregnant, and it took some time for that shock to wear off.  On top of that, I spent the first 4 months with ridiculous nauseous.  Those of you who were around for my first two pregnancies know that I breezed through them.  They were easy.  This pregnancy found me wishing I would throw up, for a moment's relief from the sick feeling.  It never went away.  I was tired from the start.  I was tired with all my pregnancies, but this time, if I sat for 2 minutes, it became impossible for me to keep my eyes open.  I did my best to nap while Riley napped but Hannah had schoolwork to do, and most days it was a challenge to make it until David got home.  The girl that loves to cook became of cook of convenience.  I did eventually find relief from the nausea.  I have yet to find relief from the sleepiness.  WIthout fail, if I sit for very long, it becomes a struggle to keep my eyes open.  One time I tried dozing off while Riley and Hannah were awake.  Riley called 911.  That was the first, and last, time I tried that.  From the start of this pregnancy, I noticed a decline in my physical abilities.  I would safely label my myself as an active person.  I noticed difficulty running and doing normal physical activities.  With both pregnancies, I remained physically active.  And I ran with Riley, pretty easily, until I was 7 months.  I expected to slow down, and I did, but it also became difficult to push myself through these activities that I loved so much.  

A few of months ago, I began having Braxton Hicks contractions.  A little over a month ago, it went from Braxton Hicks to contractions.  I went grocery shopping by myself one night, and had to take a breather at the end of the aisle.  I came home and cried talking to David.  By this point, sweeping brought on contractions resulting in a sit down.  Everything has become hard for me.  For the last few weeks, I've been seeing spots.  It's happened sporadically throughout this pregnancy, but it's happening with more regularity now.  I  brought it up at my last doctor's appointment and he explained that at this point it's to be expected.  He went on to explaining that passing out is not a bad thing, hitting my head on the way down would be.  So he told me to rest lots (haven't I been doing this for the last 8  months?!?!?!).  
All that being said, this morning I laid in bed (way too early at 4 am) and smiled at the thought of seeing my baby boy next month.  I don't mind newborns, they're so cuddly and snugly.  I wonder what he'll look like.  Maybe he'll look like David.  I thought about being in the hospital with David and Joshua.  Just us.  It's such a beautiful time, with just us and our new baby.  Anyways, I wanted to put this all down.  One day, my kids will be able to look back over this blog and see their history.  It's an always evolving baby book for my children.  And Joshua will know that despite all yucky parts endured while growing him, that we can't wait to meet him!
In other news, these pictures were taken at the last ultrasound, on October 21.  This was at 31 weeks and 2 days.  At that point he was already head down and his organs developed were developed at the age of 32 weeks and 4 days.  So he's an over-achiever!  And at that time he was 4 pounds 12 ounces.  Based on his growth and the time remaining in my pregnancy, he will easily be 8 pounds or more.  Both the girls were 6 pounders.  Quite the difference in size!  This is good though, maybe he'll stand a chance against the girls, particularly one.  We'll see ya soon baby boy!

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