Saturday, March 1, 2014

All moved in

But not unpacked! Until we get settled, here are some photos from the last two weeks.

Riley. sleeping with her beloved nino.

Big smiles from a big guy!

The ice that came with our last snow a couple of weeks ago.  

This photo cracks me up, she looks like she trudging through a snowstorm.

David, belting out The Cranberries on karaoke.  

Hannah even gave it a try with Do Re Me.  

He's got pretty good neck control.

And cankles.

This photo also cracks me up.  

Celebratory deer meat the day with my dad after we moved in.  

Riley loves to snuggle with Joshua. 

And use his baby items.  While sitting in this chair, she also learned forward and turned on the vibrating.  

Our home for many, many years to come!

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