Saturday, March 1, 2014

Slow progress

David and I got as much unpacking done as possible, while he was off.  This past Wednesday, when he went back to work, I focused on organizing what was unpacked. So here's our new home, 3/4 of the way done.  

The entryway.  The dining room is the door way to the right.  

Dining room, looking in from the entry way.  

Dining room, looking into the entry way.  The kitchen is off the doorway to the right.  

Living room, looking in from the entry way.  

Living room, looking in from the back door.  

Kitchen, looking into the dining room.  

Kitchen, looking in from the dining room. 
*Yes, that's a cat box.  No, that's not it's home.  I actually just noticed it right now!  Oops!!

Playroom, which is the 2nd largest bedroom. 

The girls' room.  My goal is to have all the toys in the playroom with only books in the bedrooms.  

Joshua's room.  

Our bedroom.  You can't see it but David has his own closet immediately to my right in this picture.  

More bedroom, looking at our bathroom.  The bath are goes off to the right and my closet is off to the left.  

And that's it, for now!  We are mostly unpacked, with maybe 20 boxes left to go through.  I am absolutely in love with our new home.  

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