Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blendtec wonders

About a month ago, we made a big kitchen purchase: a blendtec blender.  I wasn't sure about it, but I knew I could take this blender and remove 3 kitchen appliances as this would take the place of all 3 items.  And anyone who has seen David excited about something can understand how his excitements jumps from him to other people.  

Chocolate Banana and spinach ice cream.  

One of the attachments that came with our blender.  Perfect for baby food, peanut butter, hummus and other dips.  

This blender will make heated soup.  It has a setting for ice cream and smoothie.  It has a juice setting.  The juice setting will also break down seeds from grapes and hulls from strawberries, as well as other similar things you wouldn't normally be able to include in your beverages.  This is beneficial because there are many health benefits associated with peels/seeds/hulls.  

I can also grind my own flour, which I'm pretty excited about.  In getting this blender, I got rid of my food processor, because this will do everything my processor did.  

I honestly never thought I was a smoothie person. I was wrong.  I make smoothies all the time now.  Yesterday, for breakfast, I had a spinach, kale, orange, peach, banana, chia seed and coconut water smoothie.  That was my breakfast, which I had at approximately 830 am.  I was fully satisfied until 130 pm.   

Today I'm going to make a pineapple, banana, orange, spinach, kale, chia seed and a yogurt smoothie.  I haven't made my own peanut butter yet, but I have a peanut and banana smoothie.  I've also used it to chop zucchini and carrots for zucchini bread.  After about a month, I can truthfully say that I am a blendtec lover!

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Julia David said...

strawberry banana is my favorite!! i use fresh strawberries and bananas! easy, breezy, delicious and oh so good for you!!