Monday, July 21, 2014

The color run

I heard about color runs while we were living in Chicago and they sounded a lot of fun from the moment I read about them.  About 6 months ago, I saw one was coming to Fayetteville.  I went to The Color Run website and had it set up to be notified when registration opened to the public.  I was notified months ago, and received discounted pricing, so I signed us all up.    

Before the run, they're ready!

Playing around before the start.

The girls did a little warmup, here they are doing burpees.

Wade family and Cernock family before.  

Dancing while waiting in line to start.  According to news reports, the run had over 10,000 participants which was apparent if you were there.  There were people everywhere.  The race had a start line, and start waves.  So a small group (maybe 100 people or so) would start and then next group wouldn't start for 5 or so minutes.  This helped spread out the mass of people.  Which never really happened with over 10,000 participants.  

More shenanigans. 

Anxiously waiting our turn to start.  We only stood in line for 10 or 15 minutes.  The announcer was really fantastic and entertaining to listen to while we waited.  

And we're finally off!  Here's big Hannah, Hannah and Riley.  

Running through our first color station.  There were SO MANY PEOPLE!  The Hannah's are on the far left.  

Riley was unstoppable.  The lady in front and to the left of David had turned around to tell David how adorable Riley was.  

I absolutely love this photo.  

Full of color and spunk. 

Me, Riley, little Hannah and big Hannah.

Lots of people did this.  

The colorific finish. 

We had such a good time, even though it was hard to move through all the people for the entire 3 miles.  

Our companions, the Wades.  Notice the stroller off to the left, that's Joshua with his blanket over him.  He enjoyed the color run too! 

If you look up near my hairline, you can see the color that stuck around after my shower.  

And here. 

And here too.  

The kids had so much fun.  I think Riley would've run the entire race, if we had let her.  From a running standpoint, it was far too crowded to participate in that aspect.  There were over 10,000 people who participated in the even so the crowds just never thinned out.  However, our family had such a good time that I will sign up for us to do it the next time we have the opportunity.  

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful recounting of the event and fabulous photos of everyone!! Dog gone but that must have been a most happy day for you all.

Papa Bob