Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things recently heard

      Riley's new key word is totally.  For example "I can totally see our car."  This is what she says about many things.  I can totally hear that mom.  Possibly the funniest thing about her use of the word totally is that I don't say it, and neither does Hannah.  Where did she get it from?!?!

     Joshua is slowly stepping his way here and there, on his own.  I can see his confidence with walking building slowly.  It's beautifully sad, because he's far too young (in my opinion) to acquire this independence!  He can clap, wave good bye and says mama. 

     Hannah's personality is becoming more her own.  She's developed a playful side, trying to get over on adults and being silly in new ways.  For example, last night was our church's fall festival and Hannah didn't wear her costume.  When asked what she was, Hannah replied "I'm dressed up as nothing" or "I'm dressed up as Hannah."  Those responses were all her.  I've found an art teacher, who will work with her once a month or so.  We don't have time to commit to something once a week, so this lady will work with us on an as wanted basis, which is awesome!

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