Monday, October 13, 2014

Camping at Lake Moomaw

These are pictures from a little trip David and I took at the end of June.  I know, what the heck have I been doing the last 4 months!  I'm not even sure, it's all a blur.  

Lake Moomaw sits on the border of West Virginia and Virginia.  It's the first place I've been in a very long time where there is no Verizon cellular reception.  Beautiful and peaceful, and we met our good friends Josh and Leah there.  A couple months prior, Leah had emailed me to let me know they would be here camping, and we could join them if we wanted.  After a little misreading of directions on my part, for some reason I thought they were 2.5/3 hours from us but it was a tad further than that!  

The hammock got a lot of use.  Riley napped in it a couple of times. 

The site setup.

The kids had a great time.  Camping with Joshua wasn't easy but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done.  It took a little to figure out how to get him to sleep.  He didn't like our tent for some reason.  But once we figured that out, life was much better.  

Some relaxing by the water.  As usual in lakes, I was nibbled on by a fish a couple of times.  I know because I saw it happen the second time.  It always startles me!

More napping

There aren't many pictures of Hannah because she spent a lot of time out swimming with Josh and Leah's niece, Ava.  

Another nap!

David loves camp cooking.  

Here's Hannah, out with the doggies and Ava.  

The Josh's 

We spent 4 days camping with them.  It's been awhile since we've camped, and we do love it so much.  It's a little more taxing with kids because you have to bring so much stuff!  The van was stuffed to the brim.  But I'm glad we did it.  We don't see Josh and Leah as much as I'd like, so it was nice to spend time around them.  And it was good to be out in our tent again.  The last time was last Easter when our trip ended disastrously because both girls had fever's over 104.  

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