Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life happens

I haven't been very good at posting, I know.  While I try to get back in the swing of things, maybe posting a couple a month or so, here's some pictures taken over the last couple of months. 

What's not to love about those smiles?

Our first Jack Britt football game

My kids completely raided the band apparel tent.  Good thing Miss Amy loves them.

Hannah and Joshua

This girls loves to do anything art.

Hahahaha.  Let me out!

Play, or the making of a disaster.  You pick.


Oh hey, my name is Joshua and I have a round belly and chubby cheeks.  

I also love my thumb.

I have also decided to begin taking unassisted steps, though I'm not yet 10 months old.  It's making my mom a little sad.  

Sometimes, when Hannah goes off to do fun things that the rest of us can't do, we let ice cream heal our wounds.  

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