Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Metal Earth: Gifts

For my father in laws birthday I bought him this: Steam Locomotive.  He likes to put things together. He's got lots of free time (lots!!).  And he likes steam engines.  Perfect gift, right?!?!  

After putting it together recently, he questioned whether I got the gift at "some old person torture store". You can read more about it here: Little Engine Blog

After discussing the difficulty with David, David was inspired to come home and put his set together. For Father's Day, I got him a set too.  His set had 4 landmarks: The Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, Big Ben and The Leaning Tower of Pisa.  


You can see how small the details are.  This plate contains all the pieces for The Eiffel Tower.  

For your information, I found a large selection at Barnes and Nobles, which is where I got there.  After further investigation, there is an even larger selection online.  Think Millennium Falcon.  

It took David about 40 minutes to put together this one.  

It took my father in law two days to put his together.  

In all fairness, the steam locomotive is supposed to be one of the most difficult ones to put together.  

Anyways, all of ours are put together.  It problem took David two hours to put all four together.  They look.  Although Bob griped about the tedious effort in putting his together, he said he enjoyed it.  I'll give Bob this: he doesn't have good eyes and the little pieces do put a lot of strain on your eyes.   

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