Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Night at the Creek

A couple weeks ago, we spent an evening at the creek with my dad.  He recently acquired a go cart that he's working on, to get back in good running order, for the girls to play with.  It runs now, but still needs some minor repairs.  At the time of the picture, it did not run.  The girls managed to have fun with it regardless of it's not running status.  

Visits to Bayside drive would not be complete without 4 Wheeler rides.  

Hannah and Grandpa fried some deer meat.  

My happy boy.  

I love this picture, and those goobers. 

More go cart play.

Hannah, playing around in the barn.

Riley, playing in the barn.  Her play consisted of picking up handfuls of sawdust and throwing them up in the air, over her head.  She had a bath that morning.  

The after effects of saw dust throwing.

Grandpa and Joshua, with similar, solemn, expressions.

These next four photo's are what Hannah's truck looks like now.  

This is what it will look like.

My dad does have the body, it's just outside of the barn so that he could more easily work on it.  

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