Friday, January 23, 2015

A great gift idea

For christmas, my father in law gave David and I the gift of Wine and Design.  We've been there before and had a blast.  This time, David pushed us to be even more creative by doing Picasso like portraits of each other.  At first, I resisted.  I resisted a lot, but he kept on and eventually I gave in.  I am glad I did though!  

Our evening started with a shared bottle of wine and Kinect bowling.  We all needed loosen our inhibitions and get the creative juices flowing! 

Once we got to Wine and Design, we all stared at our blank canvas for far too long.  Except for David.  He's irritating like that.  

My canvas developed a rough facial sketch.  Don't mind the neck.  I sure didn't.  

Then we all added some color.  

We had made an arrangement that the portraits would be a surprise, until they were competed.  

The portrait of David (above) and Billy (below)

These are the two images we had to look at, and go off of.  


The completed works.  

Mine does look like the original, but as David said "It's not his fault they modeled it after me!" ; )

We all had such a good time.  After painting, we walked down to Pierro's and had dinner together, before heading back home.  

When David first suggested these paintings to me, I said no because they didn't "go" with our house and I had no idea where we would even hang them.  I didn't like the way they looked.  After doing it, I couldn't be more proud of our paintings, which hang proudly in our hallway.  What's more, I have the wonderful memory of doing it.  We all laughed so much.  It's was that deep laugh that hurts your cheeks.  

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