Saturday, January 24, 2015

Croatan Lodge, Fort Bragg NC

Over the MLK holiday, we went exploring!  Our friends, Bill and Amy, had been telling us about this old Rockefeller mansion that had been abandoned on army base.  From the minute he told us about it, David and I were interested.  And that is where we ventured off to.  

The front of the Croatan Lodge.  

The property is extensive.  When it became abandoned the army bought it, and now uses is for training purposes.  

When it was built, it was designed as  golf course and hunting lodge.  There are many buildings spread all over the place to explore.  

This is part of a golf area.  

Attached to this building was an indoor pool, which can still be seen.  

My best pictures are the panoramic shots I took, but I don't know how to get them onto the blog in their original format.  

A few of the buildings could not be explored because of asbestos.  Like this one below.  

This building was in relatively good shape, as can be seen by the hardwood floors that are still in tact and in decent condition.  

I don't have more to write because it was haphazard exploring.  We were just walking around, and stumbling upon stuff.  My next visit, I plan on having a game plan, and being more informed about where I am, what building I'm walking into and such.  

You can read more about the Croatan Lodge here: Percy Rockefeller Lodge


Anonymous said...

What an interesting bit of exploration. I'm very surprised that in this day and age that anyone is allowed near, let alone in, these abandoned buildings.

Papa Bob

Susan said...

This makes me sad -- it looks like it was, and still could be a stunning house! Maybe I've been watching too much Rehab Addict :-)