Friday, January 8, 2016

Questions for Kids

     I recently signed up to get text messages that are interesting/unique questions for me to ask Hannah. I'm going to try and blog them, for the sake always having them.

     We've had roughly 3 solid weeks of house guests, it was wonderful but schedule upsetting.  So I was behind on asking the questions.  Therefor, today, I asked Hannah two questions.

1) If you could turn into someone's shadow for the day, whose shadow would you want to be? Hannah's answer: Riley.  I asked why and she said because Joshua gets more spankings than Riley, Riley goes to school with Hannah's favorite teachers, she doesn't have schoolwork all day, like Hannah.  Hannah would not want to my shadow because I have to do things like pay ills, and she would not want to be daddy's shadow because he has to leave his family and go to work.

What is the bravest things that you've ever done?  At first she didn't think she could think of anything brave, so she asked if it could be the most mature thing she's ever done.  I said yes but then she came up with two brave things: hanging upside down on the jungle gym and trying out for the dance team.  

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