Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Questions For Kids

Question 1: If you created a breakfast cereal, what would it taste like?
Hannah's Answer: Pumpkin Pie.  I questioned this, because Hannah isn't known to love pumpkin pie. She said she had seen "Happy Holidays" on the fire department sign just then, which made her think of pumpkin pie.  Hence, her answer.  So I asked if she would create this cereal because it's what she wanted or because she thought that other people would like it.  And her reply was that she would create it for her enjoyment.

Question 2: You've been granted magical powers.  What does everything you touch turn into?
Hannah's answer: Gold.  I questioned this again, because it doesn't seem like a "Hannah" answer.  She isn't consumed with material things or having a lot of stuff.  She said this question made her think of the movie, Pitch Perfect (a well loved movie for all in our house) and the final song sung by the Troublemakers in the first one.  It's part of a B.o.B. song "I've Got the Magic" and the line is "every track I touch turns into to Gold".  I asked her is she knew what that meant, so I explained it to her.  After giving her the meaning, I asked "Would you have everything you touch literally turn to gold, or would you write songs that always turned into gold records"?  Hannah chose the latter. 

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