Monday, January 25, 2016

Questions for Kids

I have four to post today, I've gotten behind in posting them.  

Imagine you were in a contest to see who could eat the most food.  What kind of food would you want to be eating?  Frog legs and snails.  (Hannah is our foodie)

What is something that people do that gets on your  nerves?  When I tell someone something, trying to help them and they don't listen to me and then ask me for help again.  

You've just been invited to be the school mascot.  What kind of dance moves do you do?  Ballet, tap and jazz.

What are three things your friends would say that you are really good at: Art, I'm kind and I have unusual taste buds.  I questioned this and she explained that most people thought it was weird that she eats snails.  And then there was that one time, in geography class, when everyone tasted black tea, and didn't like it because it wan't sweet but she did.  

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