Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blizzard of '09

Because that's what it is like when white stuff falls from the sky. David has a good time making fun of us North Carolians when it snows and Tuesday it did just that. What are the freaking odds. Hannah and I both had doctor's appointments, that were consequently canceled. They were calling for just over 5 inches, and for snow as far as the Outer Banks. At our house we got a little over 3, but Fayetteville ended up getting just over 4 inches. We took Hannah out in it twice, before and after her nap. Before I took her out in it, she sat in front of the back door, staring outside. The first time it was still pretty cold out, and windy, so she wasn't feeling it. It was gorgeous, as it almost always is initially. Very dry, and white and powdery. Her glove keep falling off, and she just got too cold. So after about 30 minutes, we came back inside and had hot chocolate with marshmallows. The afternoon was much different. It was no longer snowing, and the wind was no longer blowing, making it much more mild out and we stayed out for an hour. We built a snowman and tried to have a snowball fight but the three of us (daddy, David and I) were too calculating. And I kept switching sides! It wasn't as faced paced as most are but I did mange to get David a couples and he got me really good once. At one point, Hannah helped me make snowballs to throw. A little off topic, but for those who do not know, as of the 19th David officially became a city police officer. I can't wait to see him in his uniform! ; )

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The Zellers said...

didn't you move to get out of the cold...LOL...great pics!!