Friday, August 6, 2010

Is Hannah a Regina?

While in the mountains, Susan told me that Hannah reminded her of a mini Regina, from the movie Mean Girls.  For those of you not familiar with the movie, Mean Girls is about a group of girls in high school.  Regina is the head of the "Plastics," the most popular/pretty girls in school.  However, Regina's also pretty mean.  I've thought about it.  She definitely has the prissy part down.  And my lord is she bossy!  And after our week in the mountains, I can tell you her bossiness knows no boundaries.  While she was in Tball, the other parents joked that Hannah was our "cheerleader."  It's a terrifying truth for myself, as I want my child to be almost anything but a cheerleader.  However, I have prepared myself for the day that Hannah comes up to me and tells me that's what she wants to do.  I'll look at her and say "sure thing."  I think that's part of the reason I'm trying to put her in a bunch of sports while I still have some control of what she does.  I am going to take her out to be the mascot for Hope Mills youth cheerleading.  My girlfriend, Stephanie, is coaching and said Hannah's too young to cheerlead but she could be their mascot.  I'm prepping myself.  Casey has joked that Hannah is going to be the bossy, pretty girl in school as well.  Yesterday, while dropping her off at school, two of her teachers looked at me and said "What are you going to do with her when she's a teenager?"  This came after Hannah showed them her dress, necklace, glitter shoes, and bracelet.  They got her out of the car and she reminded them that she needed her purse.  That's when I told them the story about the dress she was wearing.  She asked to wear this particular dress on Monday, only it was dirty so I told her I would wash it and she could wear it then.  She asked my everyday if I had washed her dress.  I think David and I just might be in for it!  So what do you think?

Pictures to confirm my thoughts:

Princess Hannah and Princess Sarge, poor camo bear!

This was last year, when she painted her toes completely on her own.  

Sunglasses and a cell phone, she's texting ; )

Her dancing dress and dancing shoes.

Applying make up, again, it's all her.  

Instructing Ethan 

Loving the attention


Michelle in Parkton said...

Susan said that!?!?! I hate to say it, but she is close to correct. I just hope Hannah doesn't need to be hit by a bus to get out of the mean girl phase like Regina.

Susan said...

I thought Michelle said that! I said she is 3 going on 12 ...

I am laughing but I know I shouldn't. The look on her face in the bear picture! You guys are totally in for it.

Southern Cernock said...

okay, so maybe i got the specifics wrong, i thought it was susan. but someone compared her to her

gretchen said...

according to Avery I said it but not that she is mean like Regina just that she is bossy like Regina. I definately think that you are going to have your hands full when she gets to junior high.

Leah said...

She will be a VERY SMART cheerleader, well rounded and will get a great college scholarship :0)