Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Rossi/doll spectacle at 10 pm last night

A little after 10 last night, I heard Hannah crying in her room.  I put her to bed at 730 and I know she had been asleep.  I went back there and she explained to  me, while sobbing, that Rossi had eaten her doll and her unicorn.  Now, as I mentioned, she had been asleep.  So she woke up and found the dog eating two of her favorite toys.  There were real tears involved!  My heart broke for her!  So much in fact, that I promised to take her today and get her a new doll and unicorn.  Geez, I'm such a sucker for that kid!  Now, what you have to understand is the doll Rossi ate was a mini barbie from a happy meal.  This is significant for two reasons; 1) i do not promote mcdonald's (especially happy meals) and never take my child there and 2) i dislike barbie and do not promote them in this house.  So, I have now been sucked into buying my daughter a barbie.  Dang dog!

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