Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just a day

That's all it was.  Nothing special, other than the fact that I finally paid my late fee at the library.  I'm really bad at returning things on time, that's why Netflix works so well for me!  So I had a late fine from the end of last year, so I figured it was time to try it again.  Besides, Hannah likes the library.  They have a very small play area.  It's not a great library but it is conveniently located.  This morning, we headed out at 830.  Hannah and I struck a deal, I got to run 2 laps, then she got to play at the park.  So I ran 3.5 miles, then took Banana to the swings.  She did get off the swings momentarily to play on the slide.  After about 30 minutes, she told me she wanted to go to the library, so that's what we did.  We spent another 30 minutes there.  Hannah picked out two books, I picked out two for her and one for myself.  Then I ran another two miles on my way home.  It was a great morning.

After my run

I love this feeling

"Look at me, mommy"

Oh, no!  (I'm not sure what this was about)

Headed to the library

At the library, this is one of the books we brought home.  

Playing at the library

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Leah said...

LOVE the little pink bows on her braids!